About Us

We have been Owners & Managers of successful businesses in the Hospitality Sector in Ireland since 1999.

We have over 20 years experience in the Hospitality Sector as Owners/General Managers in several successful pubs, nightclubs and restaurants along the East Coast of Ireland.  We have gained the expertise and experience first hand to understand the pitfalls and peaks of running businesses in both good and trying times.  

We offer recognised comprehensive solutions in Health & Safety in the workplace with Risk Assessments, Safety Statements, Training and Auditing for Health & Safety Excellence in your organisation. 

We are competent in evolving into efficient, leaner businesses. We understand how vital a positive work culture and loyal staff are. We have experienced and overcome the risks of working in a cash and stock rich industry and know how to recognise and deal with fraudulent behaviour. We are energetic and have the capability to survive through economic struggles and ever-changing times. We know how to attract target markets. We have negotiated with Financial institutions and professionals. 

Melissa Carroll is a Health & Safety Specialist and an experienced and competent Risk Assessor, Auditor and Trainer and has a Degree in Business Management, is qualified in BSC Occupational Safety & Health and NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management. She is a Manual Handling Instructor, VDU/DSE Workplace Assessor, COVID Compliance Officer and Infection Control Advisor.

Melissa is highly motivated, organised and thrives on normalising chaos & problem solving.  She has had to evolve for survival by running her businesses in a highly efficient and lean manner.  She is a veteran of the consequences of insurance claims and is well versed in the importance of strong customer services and people management and has the capability to sustain business in a challenging world. 


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