Businesses employing up to 50 employees are eligible to apply for a Business Continuity Voucher up to the value of €2,500 towards 3rd party consultancy costs to assist with developing short and long term strategies to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. The purpose of the voucher is to provide contingency planning advice to assist businesses to continue trading through this crisis. The primary aim of the scheme will be to support businesses to make informed decisions on the immediate measures needed to continue trading in the current environment while securing the safety of all employees and future business viability through identification of remedial actions.

Examples of what it could be used to support include but are not limited to:

  1. Develop business continuity plan
  2. Assess current financial needs in the short term to medium term
  3. Reduce variable costs, overheads and expenses,
  4. Review and explore supply chain financing options
  5. Implement remote working processes or procedures
  6. Leverage HR expertise
  7. Leverage ICT expertise
  8. Prepare a business case for application to emergency financial interventions available through Banks, Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland and Micro Finance Ireland.
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