Refine Your Plan/Do/Act/Check Cycle to Suit Your Particular Health & Safety Needs Using HSG 65 – a practical guide to cultivate your Management Systems for a robust Health & Safety practices in your organisation

Plan – Planning and Policy to develop a clear direction, where we are now and where we want to be, what we want to achieve, how to measure, consider specific and general emergencies, identify specific legal requirements.

Do – Organising what has been planned, carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments, prioritise and identify the biggest risks, decide on prevention and protective measures and put those in place, involve workers by fluid consultation and communication.  Provide resources, tools, equipment, competent advice, and always, always supervise.

Check – Measure performance so far, make sure your plan has been implemented proficiently, assess how well risks are controlled and if your are achieving your aims, investigate causes of accidents taking into account near misses and ill health.

Act – Review performance, learn from accidents, near misses and ill health which can be from other organisations in your sector. Take action on lessons learned, including from audits and inspections. Revisit plans to see where you can fine tune.  Examine your policies and risk assessments to see if they need updating.

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