A committed workforce is a most powerful asset. Fulfil their needs and wants and they will reward you by being your most constant advocates, on the other hand if you get things wrong they can be your most destructive critic. Your valued employees have so much choice these days so you need reliable and continued loyalty to you and your brand. Building a unified culture and promoting fidelity in a workforce which understands and has confidence in your company’s values and vision promotes a powerful brand.

However, meeting the needs of all employees is not as easy as one might think. You need to inspire your workforce to buy in to your beliefs and make them proud to be part of your company. Companies don’t retain staff like they used to and many employees are at least tempted to move on so allegiance works on many levels. Studies show that 75% of employees are more likely to stay with a company longer if they feel their concerns were being heard and addressed. Connecting with your employees creates real, measurable value. A team effort, promoted by an ambassador scheme, rather than a top down model promotes strong employee relations, loyalty and duty of care.

The company ambassador scheme offers key employees the responsibility to liaise formally and informally with their colleagues at all levels. Key ambassadors bridge the gap to easily and effectively elicit ideas, information and feedback. Employees are more inclined to be more open and honest with their peers. These ambassadors become the glue and create a positive outlook through the ranks and you send the message that what your employees think matters to you. However, be mindful that the reasons feedback is not taken up on is communicated positively so as not to discourage the scheme.

To create a true living brand, you need a collaboration which builds an inclusive, fluid and open structure within your organisation. It is an integral step towards engaging both existing and future employees. This gives you a far better chance of understanding what your employees really want – not what you think they do! By giving employees a voice and involvement in things that matter to them, you will reap the rewards of a more engaged and higher performing team. Ultimately, a workforce who feel valued and listened to will always outperform people who feel discouraged, tired and unappreciated.

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