Operations & PLANNING

  • Brainstorm Workshops & Troubleshooting on Management Systems
  • Perform Gap Analysis – where you are and where you want to be
  • Establish Core Business Processes and Performance Objectives
  • Cost Analysis on Products & Facilities
  • Projections to Devise Financial Planning Models
  • Create Realistic and Effective Business Plans
  • Sales & Cost Analysis
  • Cash & Stock Analysis, reconciliation & Management
  • Fraud Detection and Eradication
  • Tailor-Made Waste Control and Loss Prevention Technicques
  • Exploit USPs and Strengths
  • Establish Open Communication Channels
  • Implement Time Management Procedures to improve productivity and ease of work to hand
  • Organise and Streamline Back Offices to reduce time spent on menial tasks

Health & Safety Management, Training and Risk Assessment and Auditing

Operations & Planning

Customer Relations

Staff Training & Management

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