Why is a Health & Safety Statement so important?

A Health and Safety Statement must be in place once you have 5 or more employees.  It sets out the Health & Safety aims and objectives of the organisation, the arrangements for Health & Safety, who is responsible and how the organisation intends to implement it to ensure you compliance with Health and Safety legislation.  Often an insurance company will insist on it and it will often be the main document to defend a claim or enforcement order.  It must be brought to the attention of your employees to read, understand and sign.  The law requires a revision of the statement as often as appropriate and at least once a year.

What should your Health & Safety Statement cover?

Risk assessments specific to your workplace (written once 5 or more employees)

Consultation with employees

Maintaining plant and equipment

Safe handling and use of substances

Information, instruction and supervision

Responsibility and delegation of authority

Worker/staff training

Accidents, first aid and physical and mental ill-health

Monitoring hazards and risks

Emergency procedures

References to accompanying documents (e.g. registers, procedures, work instructions, training materials)

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