Protect Your Asset!

In a challenging world, reliable stock management policies and systems not only stifle fraud and bad practices but also provide vital information on your products, how they move and your durability in a competitive market. Staff awareness of stock and cash tracking impedes opportunity and negates the human nature that is temptation. Trends come and go so you need to remain proactive so as not to hinder cash flow or hold dead stock and to reduce wastage which are vital to your survival.

  • Be active with your suppliers and stay current with discounts, rebates and price increases to keep your margins at a level suited to your business.
  • Stay involved with industry leaders and associations to remain current.
  • Be mindful of best practices & useful Apps to facilitate your targets and budgets for your overall vision.
  • Employ internal practice and process norms to ensure fluidity.
  • Be aware of misappropriation a cash & stock rich business attracts.
  • Promote a loyal culture with your workforce.
  • Costs of implementation of controls are redeemed.


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