No business-savvy person needs or wants to find themselves in a “hindsight is a wonderful thing” situation.  Facts are, we have a moral duty to our workers, have legal duties to the State and for our own economic strategies, we need to keep our finger on the pulse  with our internal safety structures.  What’s not to understand about all of that?  The blatant reality is that weak Health & Safety management systems make for a slippery slope to disaster.  We often believe our objectives to be wholly production based, often perceive costs and effort of robust safety systems to be a hinderance and so, take the chance that we’ll dodge the bullet.  We might be lucky up to some point but only a fool will be fooled into that mindset long term.  Cost and effort of doing things the right way can melt into insignificance in comparison to likely strain of injuries, litigation and the possibility of going under if we do not look after safety of our workers, customers and visitors alike.   We must match Health & Safety objectives with those of our production or else there is a very real threat of it all going belly up!  Too late for shoulda, woulda coulda then ladies and gentlemen!

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